Minutes: March 22, 2013

Attendance: Phil Greco, Kevin Tims, Mike Mitchell, William Willis, James Infranca, John Doe
1. Phil Greco announced that February 21, 2014 will be his last meeting as coordinator. As per the 2012 elections, Kevin Tims will preside as coordinator for a period of two years. Elections for the 2014 coordinator elect will be held in March of 2014.
2. The board discussed the qualifications and process of acceptance of new board members and directors.
3. Phil Greco announced the dates for the next three board meetings: April 27, May 24, and June 14.
4. Phil Greco Announced additional meetings by department: Meeting with Kevin Tims on April 28 – Mike April 26 – Bill and Jimmy April 5.
5. Mike Mitchell discussed the consortium registration forms and materials needed for filming the April 10 consortium
6. James Infranca discussed his vision of a consortium for all disciplines
7. The board discussed the first conference for winter 2014 in Montauk, NY