Minutes: January 25, 2013

Attendance: Phil Greco, Mike Mitchell, Kevin Tims, William Willis

1. Kevin Tims, as Director of Finance, discussed a plan for filing 2012 Taxes
2. Phil Greco’s motion to allow the Society to begin making all payments related to the website, beginning in March 2013, approved by all board members.
3. Mike, as Director of Consortiums, discussed the plan for the Spring 2013 Consortium
4. Bill Willis, as Director of Social Engagements, discussed the first fundraiser Scheduled for June 2013
5. Phil Greco, as Director of Media, discussed plans for an internet radio broadcast scheduled to begin in fall 2013
6. Motion to make Phil Greco the official spokesperson and Director of Public relations approved
7. Kevin Tims discussed his role in creating email lists pertaining to public relations
8. Phil Greco as Director of Education discussed plans for spring 2013 courses