Mission Statement

The mission of the Society for Ethics in Education is to (1) provoke discussion among university professors, school administrators, teachers, parents, students, and others in order to reflect upon the morality of current educational practices and policies, (2) to collectively and continually create new frameworks that may serve in the re-conceptualizing of educational practice and policies, and (3) to act as an agent of change by providing opportunities for professional growth through courses, conferences, and consortiums.

As a reflective organization, we encourage all visitors to contribute responses to the following questions so that we may gain further insight as we continually revise and refine our work.

  • To what extent should teachers pre-determine content knowledge?
  • To what extent should knowledge be correct or provisional?
  • To what extent should learners construct knowledge in a truly personally meaningful context?
  • To what extent should learners be guided towards self-regulation of learning?
  • To what extent should teachers use competition as a form a motivation for learning?
  • To what extent should learners participate in the creation of criteria for excellence in their work?
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