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The purpose of this website is to make visible the society's mission, leadership, active role in education, resources, legal documents, and opportunities for professional growth. Opportunities include courses, conferences, and participating in the creation and implementation of new educational frameworks.

  • 2017 Symposium for Music Educators

    Posted on 2017-09-28

    Music Educators are welcome to join us at Commack Middle School on Tuesday, November 7,2017 for our Third Annual Symposium for Music Educators. There will be several workshops, presentations, and reading sessions throughout the day. Registration info coming soon.

    2016 Symposium for Music Educators

    Posted on 2016-10-13

    This Symposium will take place on Tuesday, November 8, 2016 at Udall Road Middle School, 900 Udall Road, West Islip, NY 11795. There will be several workshops, presentations, and reading sessions pertaining to teaching and learning music in the public schools. The Society for Ethics in Education, Inc. is a registered CTLE sponsor. More details to follow. The registration fee is $25. Use the following link to register: http://tinyurl.com/SEE2016REG

    2016 Symposium for Music Educators

    Posted on 2016-10-13

    2016 Symposium for Music Educators

    Posted on 2016-10-13

    2016 Symposium for Music Educators

    Posted on 2016-10-13

    2016 Symposium for Music Educators

    Posted on 2016-10-13

    2016 Symposium for Music Educators

    Posted on 2016-10-13

    Suffolk County Superintendents' Conference Day Music Education Symposium

    Posted on 2015-07-09

    Tuesday, November 3, 2015
    Commack Schools


    Posted on 2015-07-05

    We proudly announce our new Director of Aesthetic Education, Mr. Dave Kaufman. We are looking forward to festivals and events designed to propel arts and arts education toward new horizons.

    August 28, 2014

    Posted on 2014-08-28

    The Board of S.E.E. is delighted to announce the formation of the Branch of Aesthetics. The purpose of the branch is to provide educational and professional development opportunities for growth in music and the arts. Opportunities will include consortiums, courses, and festivals.

    Winter 2014 - New Chair

    Posted on 2014-01-08

    The Society for Ethics in Education would like to officially welcome Kevin Tims as the new Chair of the Society for 2014-2016

    Spring 2013

    Posted on 2013-02-24

    Information regarding Inservice Courses and the Spring Consortium are now available. Click on the respective menu for details.

    Upcoming Courses

    Posted on 2012-08-22

    Project-Based Learning Part One will be offered in the Fall of 2012. Info will be sent to members shortly. (3 Inservice Credit Hours)
    To become a member, fill out the mail form located under the "Membership" menu.

    Fall 2012 Schedule

    Posted on 2012-08-06

    Stay tuned for information regarding the Fall 2012 schedule. S.E.E. plans to announce professional development courses, meet-ups, and consortiums.

    The Crane School of Music: 125 Years- A Tradition of Innovation

    Posted on 2012-02-18

    Kevin Tims and Phil Greco will be participating in the Crane School of Music's Symposium taking place in September 2012. Stay tuned for more details.

    S.E.E. to share learning plans to members

    Posted on 2012-02-18

    If you're interested in receiving free learning plans, based on constructivist learning theory, feel free to sign up as a member. Membership is free and can be accessed by clicking on the membership tab and telling us who you are and how we can share our learning plans with you.

    Professional Growth Session in Miami, FL

    Posted on 2012-02-05

    I'd like to thank Tim Sharp, the Miami Children's Chorus, and the dedicated teachers working in Miami, FL for giving us the opportunity to share ideas on teaching and learning this weekend. It was a pleasure meeting and working with you. I wish all of you a wonderful "part 2" of the school year. Please feel free to contact us at any time for more information. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank again - Phil Greco

    2012 Board Elections

    Posted on 2011-12-21

    The Society for Ethics in Education recently elected its 2012 Executive Board consisting of the following members: Phil Greco (Coordinator), Kevin Tims (Representative for Behavioral Research), Mike Mitchell (Representative for Cognitive Research), and William Willis (Representative for Research in Practice).

    The first action of the new board is to create an advisory council to be comprised of university professors, school administrators, teachers, supporters, parents, and students. The society intends to consult with the advisory council when constructing and implementing guiding frameworks used in the development of courses, conferences, festivals, and multi-media presentations.